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Testimonials // 

Andrew is a excellent designer and a valuable team member. Andrew and I worked together for more than two years on a design project involving both hardware and software.

I came to know him as a meticulous designer with the ability to think broadly and deeply about complex design problems. During the time I worked with Andrew, he demonstrated the ability to do thorough background research on stakeholders priorities and constraints, to survey and surpass the design work of competitors, and to maintain sharp focus on the product's users and their needs and preferences.

His design work showed excellent integration of those influences and a refined and elegant aesthetic sensibility. When presenting and defending his work to his colleagues inside and outside our design team, Andrew was always eloquent, respectful, and effective. Further, he showed willingness to support the broader design process by participating in market research, user research, usability testing, and discussions of human factors and ergonomics that ranged beyond the expected scope of his efforts.

In summary, Andrew will bring very strong design capability to any team he joins and he will complement that capability with a willingness and ability to contribute to the team in numerous important ways. I'd eagerly work with him again, and I highly recommend him.

Colin Green
Staff UX Researcher at Google
Andrew is a very solid industrial designer. I have worked with Andrew on a collaboration between Elekta and Philips. He is one of those rare designers who has the ability to handle complex projects from start to completion. Through all phases of the design process, he keeps his focus on the end-user, and delivers solutions that are both beautiful and functional. I look forward to working with him again if I get the chance.

Cedric Bernard
Principal Industrial Designer

Andrew is talented industrial designer who has an excellent understanding of all facets of the design process throughout the complete lifecycle. Andrew has an excellent understanding of the user centred design process and uses this to develop concepts and solutions that meet the needs of the end users within the bounds of the manufacturing process.

However ignoring all of that, Andrew is a professional, patient and easy to work with team member who is an absolute pleasure to work alongside. An asset to any team!

Neil Winchester
Principal Human Factors Engineer at Medical Human Factors (medHF)

Andrew is a truly creative designer, tabling unending myriads of conecpts, and always with the clearest presentation. A very talented industrial designer, easy to work with, and always working too within the bounds of manufacturing possibility. A very valuable designer, design engineeer, and visualiser to have on board.


Nick Jones
Principal Mechanical Design Engineer