What’s the reason for one more sleek innovation that can’t make a real difference to the lives of its users? My approach to projects aims to focus the design of complex products through truly understanding the behaviours and needs of the end-user.  

Projects // Aerospace

Successful aircraft seating design centres around the creation of experiences which enhance passenger comfort and convenience whilst elevating the airline's brand. 

CASE STUDY // Series 6R Seat

ACRO Aircraft Seating Ltd.


Activities: Lead Industrial Designer (concept to production).

Description: Series 6R is an update of Acro’s popular Series 6 seat for economy travel in single aisle aircraft.Series 6R builds on it Acro’s USP of a space-saving, ergonomic composite seatback and adds a range of new passenger-focused amenities such as dedicated stowage for passenger items, additional table space, and docks for passenger’s own electronic devices such as tablets and phones.

As Lead Industrial Designer I was directly responsible for developing all passenger-focussed upgrades to the standard Series 6 seat including soft-touch composite armrest, tray table, device holder, literature pocket, and centre console table.

Series 6HD Seat

ACRO Aircraft Seating Ltd.

Date: 2019

Activities: Industrial Designer
(Project Lead Dan Glover).

Description: The Series 6HD Seat was developed to achieve a higher passenger density with a 3-3-3 cabin configuration in an Airbus A330 cabin.

The sharply tapered seatback design is sculpted to fit within the unique curvature of the A330 aircraft sidewall.

Supported Dan Glover (Industrial Designer) with detailed development of seat back, headrest, shroud and structure (based on A330 cabin layout).

Series 6ASP Seat

ACRO Aircraft Seating Ltd.

Date: 2019

Activities: Industrial Designer
(Project Lead David Bull).

Description: Series 6ASP is Acro’s first seat for the long haul, wide body twin aisle market. The seat design references the simplicity of Acro’s legacy products, but with enhanced comfort for the longhaul market. An articulating seat pan affords the
passenger more living space when the seat is reclined (the seat bottom moves forward in addition to the seat back tilting backwards).

Directly responsible for design of end bay, literature pocket and crew step components. Lead ergonomics
development including planning and facilitation of comfort trials. Project led by David Bull.

Projects // Healthcare

The example projects below represent a small part of a wide range of commercially successful products I have developed for clients in the pharmaceutical, medical device, consumer healthcare and surgical instrument markets.  

CASE STUDY // Unity MR-linac


Date: 2012-2018

Activities: Principal Industrial Designer (concept to production).

Description: The Elekta Unity MR-linac is the world’s first radiation therapy system to integrate high-field MRI imaging with radiation delivery for cancer treatments. It will enable doctors to “see” both tumour and healthy tissue at the time of treatment.

In a project such as Unity where the device concept is based on a fundamentally new ‘hybrid’ technology and a parallel device does not yet exist, it is particularly important to form a clear view of how the new device will be used. My portfolio will demonstrate how I employed a range of ‘user-centred’ design research and testing methods to establish an accurate prediction of system use.

FEATURED / Base Station


Date: 2012

Activities: Senior Industrial Designer (project concept led and initiated by Dan Innes).

In 2012 I contributed to the industrial design, UI design and mechanical engineering development of a device for the treatment of Dysphagia.

My responsibilities on the project included industrial design, user interface design, component testing, and detailing of plastic parts for injection moulding and assembly. In addition I was responsible for all client liaison and management of subcontract suppliers.


FEATURED / AIO Digital X-Ray Control Suite Seat

United Imaging Shanghai

Date: 2013

Activities: Senior Industrial Designer (ID/UX; concept to pre-production prototype).In 2013 I contributed to the design of the ‘AIO’ (“All-In-One”) X-ray control workstation and uExceed Software Platform (UX design).

My role included planning and execution of ethnographic research, concept development and visual design (UI). The resulting interface design improves workflow efficiency through simultaneous multi-patient management, memorization of unique user habits, and automated intelligent adjustments of clinical examination protocols and parameters.


Projects // Consumer

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FEATURED / DC05 Motorhead Vacuum Cleaner

Dyson Appliances Ltd.

Date: 1999

Activities: Undergraduate Industrial Designer (concept to pre-production prototype).

Description: DC05's Motorhead's motorised brushbar makes this Dyson's best ever cleaner for picking up dust and fibres.

My area of focus on this project was the development of the plastic casing to house the motorised brush bar. My responsibilities included constructing quick proof-of-concept prototypes to support my ideas, building and spraying models made from rapid prototyped parts, cutting and finishing Styrofoam appearance models, and working with in-house toolmakers to optimise the design for moulding.

Concept Exploration

Reckitt Benckiser Home Solutions

Date: 2019

Activities: Senior Industrial Designer (concept development).

Description: An exploratory project for Reckitt Benckiser Home Solutions.

The project focussed on developing innovative home cleaning equipment and novel ‘value-added’ packaging for well known brands such as Dettol and Cillit Bang, to add interest to straightforward household tasks such as cleaning carpets and shower glass, dusting, and cleaning the inside of microwave ovens.

The outcomes of this project are confidential.

Parquet Hard Floor Tool

Dyson Appliances Ltd.

Date: 1999

Activities: Undergraduate Industrial Designer (research and concept development).

Description: A hard floor tool with soft nylon bristles to remove dust and allergens.

In 1999 I was directly responsible for leading the first phase of a project which ultimately resulted in the development of the airflow and brush design for the Dyson Parquet Hard Floor and Articulating Hard Floor tools.

The research and analysis phase included quick physical prototyping and iterative testing of a range of alternative arrangements of brush strip and airflow design. The prototype designs were tested for dust pick-up efficiency in benchtop tests, the results of which were then verified in an environmental chamber.


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